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Henley Shipping are based in Greater London and strive to be an industry favourite amongst the interior design and art sectors for specialist moving, storage and shipping services for fragile and valuable items including artwork, antiques and design furniture for requirements locally and worldwide. We pride ourselves on the strongest relationships with clients, the best customer service possible and most importantly, the utmost professional delivery service the industry can offer. Be part of our journey if you want to be a cherished client for life. Find out why other clients are switching to Henley Shipping today!

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Parchment and Vellum are remarkable materials with truly unique qualities; used worldwide to create exceptional products, works of art and special documents. Our Parchment & Vellum is used for: Calligraphy and Illumination, Bookbinding, Botanical Art, Heraldic Art, Memorial Books, Drum Making and Lampshades. We offer a bespoke vellum covering service for furniture, wall and door panels; and a document printing service for Certificates, Diplomas, Family Trees etc

Since 1870, over four generations, William Cowley has been producing genuine, hand-crafted, Parchment and Vellum of the finest quality, using  time-honoured methods largely unchanged for centuries. Our natural products can literally last for centuries which is unlikely with so called ‘parchment paper’ imitations!

With a background in architecture, interior and furniture design I am a self-taught sculptor and specialise in sandcasting to make pieces which engage the quality of bronze as a noble material in its own right.

Sculptures are intimate in scale and intended for the interiors of home, office or hotel.

Casting in sand moulds is a simple and ancient method far removed from the sophisticated lost wax operation used by most art foundries. The sand-casting process is relentless and unforgiving – the foundry is no place for a delicate original. It denies a complexity of form that imposes a disciplinary and enriching simplicity.

I cut, carve, grind or weld the cast bronze to create unique forms before invariably exposing the natural bronze or oxidising to produce the unique surface finishes that have always been an essential dimension of my work.

Bespoke architectural metalwork designed and installed for commercial and domestic properties

With over 20 years’ experience in the metalwork trade, we have worked alongside top architects for blue chip companies and a lot of famous faces.
We are specialist manufacturers of high quality bespoke architectural metalwork, specialising in bespoke staircases, architectural balustrades & feature metal work. We are highly skilled & can manage the manufacture of all bespoke staircases, metalwork & other products.

Full service

Due to having the capability to design, build and install independently, we can manage your project from the initial consultation through to the development and installation of your bespoke staircase. We are highly skilled and experienced in our field, which is of vast importance to our growing reputation for quality cost effective metal work. 

Range of products

Our attention to detail is paramount to our success, and our demand for perfection ensures that we create beautiful pieces of high-quality architecture for our clients. From the initial brief all the way through to the installation, we guarantee that you will receive a highly personalised level of service from experts in bespoke staircases and architectural metalwork.